SolarCam - Outdoor Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera Andatech

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Protect the safety of your family, home, or business with the innovative SolarCam Smart Outdoor Wireless Security Camera. Buy yours from Ozinnovations today, Australia's trusted safety, health and security products online store.

The Solarcam acts as an excellent outdoor wireless security camera as it is completely wire-free, works day and night, and is self-sustainable just with solar charging. Complete with a mobile phone app, large internal memory space, motion detection, custom settings, video recording and night vision, the Solarcam is everything you need in an outdoor wireless security camera to monitor your property and keep it safe and secure.

You can use this SolarCam Smart Outdoor Wireless Security Camera for:

* Protect your family
- Keep an eye on the children playing outside the house

- Monitor visitors or contractors entering and exiting the home

- Look after the elderly

- Check in on pets while you're at work

- Keep a close eye on the garden, playground, or backyard

* Protect your business

- Protect your assets and compound

- Keep tabs on employees

- Monitor critical 'blind spots'

- Watch incoming and outgoing traffic

- Monitor pastures and farmlands

- Monitor mining and construction sites

* Secure your property

- Prevent intruders and capture evidence

- Monitor vacation or rental properties

- Secure every perimeter of your property easily without needing power supply

- Monitor multiple buildings on large properties including farmhouses, granny flats, detached garages, entry gates


* Wire-free installation - Perfect for owned and rental properties. No cables or wires needed. Install the Solarcam outdoors around your home, office, buildling, or property – as long as there's wifi, the possibilities are endless.

* Easy Installation -  Install it easily without the need for a handyman! Mount it onto any wall or pole outdoors, using a few simple tools and the mounting gear already provided. All you need is a screwdriver.

* Self-sustaining power 

- All the Solarcam needs is direct sunlight. 

- With low power consumption and just 5 days of solar charging a month, the Solarcam can last for up to a month.

- Its built in 6,800mA rechargeable battery can last up to 6 months (based on 10 triggers per day).

- The camera can record up to 480 30-second events without charging when charged under sunlight for 8 hours.

- For regions or during seasons that receive less daily sunlight, you can also charge the Solarcam with the included USB cable.

* Connects seamlessly to your phone - The Solarcam can be used anywhere that has wireless internet connection. All data is uploaded and sent wirelessly to your mobile phone.

* 365 days of worry-free recording - Its built-in 16GB SD card can store up to one year’s worth of recordings (based on 10 event recording per day). It supports Wi-fi, P2P (Peer to peer sharing), Cloud service and Micro TF Card.

* Instant Alerts - Get alerted instantly of intruders directly on your mobile phone. Any movement in front of the camera sends you a notification to your mobile phone.

* Access live footage or previous recordings directly from your mobile phone - Each event can be searched using the date and time, or by scrolling through the timeline bar on the app.

* Safeguard multiple locations - Use the Solarcam app to access one or more of the Solarcam outdoor wireless security cameras in your home or office.

* Protect your home even when you’re away - With everything available on your mobile phone, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

* Protect your family - The Solarcam app can also be shared with multiple people, so all family members can have access to check on the house at different times.

* Protect your property at night with Infrared Night Vision - The Solarcam supports both day and nighttime monitoring, thanks to its infrared LED lights that illuminate anything within 5 meters. It is great for use at night and in low light conditions.

* Capture evidence from video recordings - Other than viewing live video, you can also take snapshots using the app to capture evidence or snap the suspect’s profile to provide to police in case of a robbery

* Customise the Solarcam to your own schedule

- You can enable the Solarcam’s function for specific days and times. Perfect for use at home (e.g. enable every night from 10pm to 6am) or in the office (e.g. enable every day outside of office hours).

- Have an irregular schedule? You can also disable the Solarcam by changing your status to “At Home”. If you need to leave the house, you can change your status to “Out of Home” to enable the Solarcam again.

In a busy area? You can control the motion detection setting by switching it on or off or adjusting its sensitivity.

* One-way Audio

* Motion Recording

* HD 720P Video


Model No. ASC-200

Product Model

ASC-200 Smart Wireless Solar Camera


3.6mm / M12/90 degrees


H.264 encoding


Supports one way audio


Supports IEE802.11b/g/n protocols (2.4GHz)

Infrared Fill Light


PIR Motion Detection

Motion detection range ~ 15 Feet (5 meters)

Cycle Time

If there is no operation within 30 seconds after the camera is triggered, it will enter sleep mode

Network P2P Connection


Battery Power Indicator

Mobile app support

Standard Solar Panel

Maximum output current is 150mA@5.5V, which will change according to solar intensity and incident angle

Expandable Storage Space

16GB / 32GB micro T F card

Standby Time

6,800mAh up to 6 months based on 10 events per day

Event Recording

Records 480 events (30 secs) when charged under sunlight for 8 hours


161 (w) x 155 (d) x 108 (h) mm

Net Weight


Waterproof Level

IP 65