Senergy 15W 6500K Energy Saving Motion Sensor Light Bulb (Edison)

  • $29.99

The Senergy 15W 6500K Energy Saving Motion Sensor Light Bulb (Edison) is perfect for the home and office for rooms where continuous lighting is not needed, and it's great for both indoor and outdoor use. Save energy and money effortlessly by installing it in the bathroom, closet, balcony, garage, basement, hallway, or stairs. After that, the Senergy light bulb does it all for you.

The Senergy 15W 6500K Energy Saving Motion Sensor Light Bulb detects up to 8 meters within a 90 degree angle, turning on automatically when motion is detected in its detection zone and turning off automatically after a set time. Its settings are adjustable as well - you can easily set the luminance threshold and the lighting time based on your preferences and the usage of the light bulb.

The Senergy motion sensor light bulb is so easy to use - all you have to do is install it and let it do the work. You will love the convenience of having this light bulb and the wonders it does to your electricity bill.

Senergy 15W 6500K Energy Saving Motion Sensor Light Bulb (Edison) Features:

- Cool Daylight colour
- 15 Watt = 75 Watt incandescent light
- Detects up to 8 meters at a 90-degree angle
- Adjustable luminance threshold and time setting
- Up to 8000 hours of usage

Q: How come my bulb keep turning on and wont switch off?
A: This Senergy lamp is very sensitive and can detect motion (even from your shadow) up to 8 meters at a 90 degree angle. The bulb will turn on when the illuminance of the environment is lower than the illuminance threshold you have set and the motion/shadow of people is detected. And it will keep turn on for the period of lit time you have set for and it will only turn off after it could not detect any motion (which means either people leaving the detection zone or staying in the detection zone without any movement/action). Please note that as long as there is motion/shadow of people during in the detection zone, the bulb can be continuously be triggered and restarts the lit time.

Q: Why my bulb dont light up in day time?
A: When the bulb's illuminance threshold is set to Night (N) mode, the bulb will only turn on at dark environment. Please note that the bulb will not start when the illuminance of the environment exceeds the illuminance threshold you set.

Q: How long can i adjust the bulb to turn on for?
A: For the lit time, you can adjust how long you want the light to turn on for (10 seconds and up to 5 minutes)