IONMAX OXYLIGHT - Air Purifier Energy Saving Light Bulb ION125

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Efficient Air Purification
Unlike other air purifiers, the Ionmax ION125 Oxylight does not collect dust and particles on a filter or cover up odours with a heavier fragrance. Instead, it uses Ionic air purification to remove dust and odours from the air by attaching its negative ions to the unwanted particles and making them too heavy to stay in the air. This effectively removes undesirable contaminants from the air, leaving you with clean air.

The Ionmax ION125 Oxylight can remove and neutralise various unwanted particles from the air, from cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide to pollen, dander, methane, and allergens. When you're in a room fitted with the Ionmax ION125, you'll be breathing in air that feels fresh and clean, similar to the natural air you get in forests, waterfalls, mountains, and beaches, which are filled with a million of naturally occurring negative ions.

Easy to Use
The ION125 is effortless to use, so you can install it where you want and let it work its magic. It comes with a direct socket, so there is no need for new fittings. You can simply unscrew the old globe and replace it with the ION125. The Oxylight Air Purifying Light Bulb is perfect for spaces like bathrooms, study rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms where lighting is used often, as it not only saves energy but also helps to purify the air in those areas.

Energy Efficient
The ION125 is a green lifestyle product that provides a bright, healthy and clean environment while reducing power consumption. The light bulb uses much fewer watts than normal light bulbs, and it can last up to 7 years! It's ideal for rooms 50sqm and above, so you can use it anywhere in your home or office.

Ionmax ION125 Oxylight Air Purifying Energy Saving Light Bulb Features:
- Removes and neutralises allergens, cigarette smoke, pollen, methane, and other harmful pollutants
- Quick and easy to replace using the direct socket
- Negative ion generator cleans and refreshes air