Ionmax - ION260 Portable Personal Air Purifier Andatech

  • $49.99

Live and breathe fresh air with the Ionmax ION260. The Ionmax ION260 Portable Personal Ionic Air Purifier is the perfect portable air purifier for the health conscious. Get yours today from Ozinnovations, Australia trusted breathalysers and health products online store.

The Ionmax ION260 Personal Ionic Air Purifier can be worn around your neck everywhere you go and will clean the air around you quickly and efficiently. 
The Ionmax ION260 Portable Personal Ionic Air Purifier uses only two AAA batteries, is light and compact and incredibly easy to use. Compact but powerful, the Ionmax ION260 emits negative ions to purify the air around you and there's no maintenance needed for it at all. 

The negative ions that are emitted from the unit attach to harmful or undesirable particles in the air such as dust, bacteria, and odours. The negative ions attract these particles until they become heavy and fall onto the floor, therefore removing these particles from the air that you breathe in. Negative ions are what makes the air feel and smell fresher and cleaner, and they are generated in abundance in natural settings such as waterfalls or after a thunderstorm. With the Ionmax ION260, you can experience the same fresh, clean feeling thanks to the negative ions generated by this powerful little unit. 

Accompanies you wherever you are, Keeps air clean and fresh

The commuter's dream, this innovative little gadget will hang around your neck and purify the air around you. Safe to take on all forms of transport, even a plane, you can feel healthy and energised anywhere and everywhere.

The Ionmax ION260 personal wearable ionic air purifier is a unit directly powered with a pair of AAA battery. The technology and sleek appearance was designed by a reputable international company. The lightweight unit encases the advanced electric transformer which emits ions though out the area.

The Ionmax ION260 personal wearable ionic air purifier features:

  • Advanced two-way parallel ionic discharge technology
  • Quiet, motor-less operation
  • No replacement air filters
  • Static dust collection plate
  • Energy saving auto-off function
  • Speedy air circulation
  • Maintenance-free


COVERAGE AREA Personal Use Only
NEGATIVE ION OUTPUT ≥1 x 104 anions/cm3
DIMENSIONS H: 92mm, W: 49mm, D: 29mm
EXTRA FEATURES Product uses 2 x AAA batteries
Active oxygen output: ≤0.04ppm