AlcoSense - Zenith AL7000 Replacement Sensor Andatech

  • $39.99

Get your Alcosense Andatech Zenith AL7000 Alcohol Breathalyser Replacement Sensor from Ozinnovations today, Australia trusted breathalyser store.

Please read the information below to determine which sensor you need for your breathalyser.

There are two types of replacement sensors available for the Zenith. To prevent us from sending you the wrong sensor, please conduct a simple check on your unit.

Open the back panel on your Zenith breathalyser. You will see either one of the sensors below.


If your breathalyser shows a similar image to the left image, you need the Pressure Sensor. If your breathalyser looks similar to the right image, you need the Non-Pressure Sensor.

Please refer to the image above and notify us which sensor are you going to purchase