Ionmax - ION330 UV car Ioniser Air Purifier Replacement Filter Set Andatech

  • $19.99

Keep your loved ones happy by improving the air quality in your homes. Buy your Ionmax ION330 Replacement filter set from Ozinnovations, Australia's trusted Breathalysers and Health Products store.

The Ionmax ION330 Replacement Filter Set includes filters for the six different types of air purification systems used in the ION330 car and desktop air purifier. This complete set includes a Hepa filter, Photocatalyst filter, UV light filter, and activated carbon filter. Put together, they will provide fresh, clean air that makes it seem like you are on a mountainside or on the beach. It makes you feel healthy and more productive, and in better overall shape both physically and mentally.

Using the ION330 is a good way to keep yourself away from nasty germs and airborne allergens being passed around in the office. The ION330 is the perfect compact air purifier for spaces such as office desks, bathrooms, or cars to eliminate unpleasant odours, dust, airborne germs, cigarette smoke and VOCs such as exhaust fumes. At home, having one of these units plugged in at night in the bedroom is a sure-fire way to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling well rested and full of energy.

Get the Ionmax ION330 Replacement Filter Set to keep your ION330 air purifier working at an optimum level.

Ionmax ION330 Replacement Filter Set Features
- Complete replacement filter set for your Ionmax ION330 Air Purifier
- Includes HEPA filter, photocatalyst filter, UV light filter, activated carbon filter
- Filters dust, germs, and harmful gases and odours